On pause

Ferretry Lelibel has a (long) break

After thinking a long time during winter, I keep feeling uncomfortable with the upcoming season of 2018. Because skipping a year is not an option for a jill, I decided to stop breeding for now. Main reasons:

  • I can not offer kits the health and medical security as I am used to (see werkgroep-fret.nl/en if you are not familiar with the problems at the moment). Looking at the new life that I create, I do not consider that fair for the kits.
  • I hardly have any reservations this year.
  • I fear a year in which we are only allowed to feed kibble and sterile food (no raw).
  • Fé may still be able to pass on some inflammatory cells through her milk.
  • Because of the medical problems, I have lost both my lines and therefore a lot of passion.
  • The care for 7 ferrets on a daily basis is a lot, which I would like to reduce so that I have more time, freedom and finances.
I will continue to dedicate myself with heart and soul to Dutch Ferret Breeders, Dag van de Fret (our show), my Dutch information website, the workgroup (werkgroep-fret.nl/en), Ferret Pedigree and consider the ferretry in a pause period. It can take 2 years, but it can also take 10 years. Of course you can keep track of all ferret adventures of my ferrets and kits on my Facebook page.